Teaching Kids to Survive

Teaching foster/adoptive parents to prepare children to survive in a society where race, gender and other factors will confront them.


Ty Murrell

Job Title

foster parent/public relations


topical discussion


Foster and/or Adoptive Parents, Service Providers, Case Managers, Judges/Lawyers, Students, Advocates, Policy Makers

Presentation Summary:

Walking with a bag of Skittles and a can of tea can have an adverse consequence if your child is in a neighborhood were they are percieved as not belonging.

As parents we must prepare our children to survive. Even in the 21st Century people are often judged not on their charcter but on external factors and prejudices by others.

-       That we must teach our children that everyone does not view them as their families (adoptive/foster) do.  So they must learn how to get past the obstacles that will confront them.

-       Learn not accept each person for who they are based on their own deeds not the deeds of someone else that may have similar external features.

-       You can not judge a book by its cover.




An experienced marketing/public relations professional who is also a foster parent.  I have been a foster parent for over 5 years and I too live in a neighborhood where those deemed as not belonging (race or economic status) are under the radar.




An experienced communication professional recognized for creative, marketing and communication management contributions to successful projects.



           Manage brand standards for government, higher education and broadcast environments.

           Creates, develops and implements marketing. Lead communications efforts for specific business lines, working directly with senior executives to develop and execute effective, innovative, comprehensive strategies.

           Manage and enhance relationships with wide range of electronic and print media outlets.

           Proactively address emerging issues, monitor current events and market conditions to anticipate responses to the media.

           Established contacts and relationships in the media/press community.

           Excellent budgeting/financial skills.

           Expert in planning, coordinating, and managing meetings and conferences.

           Demonstrated ability to make appropriate financial and customer service decisions

           Coordinate with executive-level administrators on media related issues.

           Develops and sustain relationships with media contacts, and continuously evaluates new media channels and opportunities.  

           Collaborate with organization’s leadership, internal groups and external agencies to produce high-quality, compelling marketing and advertising materials.

           Create and oversee website management, social media, photography, videography and print design, production of direct mail, training videos, TV, radio and telemarketing advertising campaigns.

           Coordinated trade shows, business forums, chamber of commerce events, business fairs, industry functions, expos, etc.

           Develops and implements annual business and marketing programs.