Understanding Trauma: Nurturing Healthy Attachment and Bonding in Foster Care & Adoptiong


Sarah Anderson, Mark Elmore, LPC and Heidi Elmore, M.S.

Job Title

Parent Coach


Lecture (engaging and interactive!)




Presentation Summary:

Adoption doesn’t always have easy, fairytale chemistry between the parent and child, but love can still blossom! This session will look at the impact of trauma, psychologically and neurologically, in both the child and the adoptive parent’s life. Emotional health is important for both the parent and child! Recovery from trauma is a significant factor in the child’s readiness to attach to the parent and the adoptive parent’s readiness to bond to the child. The session will introduce therapy modalities available including neurofeedback. The session will teach powerful parenting techniques for healing a traumatized brain and nurturing a loving parent-child relationship. A list of community resources will also be provided. There is hope for healing!

-       To increase participant's understanding of the impact of trauma (either in the child or parent's life) on the child's attachment to the parent and the parent's bonding with the child.

-       To equip parents by offering new tools / techniques for overcoming the impact of trauma and nurturing healthy attachment and bonding. For those who are not adoptive parents, they will gain knowledge and awareness of the tools and resources, which are avai

-       To rejuvenate (or inspire for the first time) families and professionals about the significance of the adoptive relationship and to offer hope for healing, in either the parent or child's life, for a loving parent-child relationship.



Sarah Anderson has been a foster mom for 6 years, fostering over 80 children, and has adopted 3 children from foster care. Ms. Anderson serves as a foster/adoptive parent mentor and has helped many children and families with their transition to adoption. Through Heidi Elmore's 4 years of service in Foster Care and Adoption Case Management, she was able to view the dynamics of adoption from the moment of removal from the biological home through adoption finalization and beyond. Together Ms. Elmore and Ms. Anderson currently provide attachment support as Parent Coaches to families through their business, Strong Love Parenting, LLC. Mark Elmore is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Neurotherapist currently serving at Kids TLC in Olathe, Kansas. Mark specializes in healing the heart with the brain in mind.