Healthy Transition for Youth/Young Adults Within Four Jackson County Mental Health Centers


Marcia Dutcher

Job Title

Senior Research Specialist


panel presentation


Service Providers, Case Managers, Students, Policy Makers

Presentation Summary:

Four community mental health centers in Jackson County, Missouri are changing the way youth and young adults ages 16 years to 25 years access outpatient mental health services. In an initiative called Healthy Transitions--Uniting Pathways, Comprehensive Mental Health Services, ReDiscover Transitional Youth Living Program, Swope Health Services and Truman Medical Center Behavioral Health Futures Program are working to ensure that youth and young adults are engaged in services in a manner that is appealing to them and consistently respects their voice and choice in the decisions that affect them.

-       Describe the goals and objectives of Healthy Transitions project in the Kansas City area.

-       Describe the process of implementing the Healthy Transitions project, including the successes and challenges.

-       Explore currently available data on outcome measures for the first three years of the grant.




Marcia Dutcher MA is a published researcher and program evaluator. Ms Dutcher has worked in the field of research and evaluation since 1997. Ms Dutcher has more than 30 years of experience working within non-profit settings and community development. She has implemented and supervised innumerable evaluation projects linked to health care, community and youth development, and public housing and has a solid track record in process and outcome evaluation.