Behavior Intervention Support Team


Linda Hosman, BSEd & CJ

Job Title

Educational/Behavioral Consultant




Foster and/or Adoptive Parents, Biological Families, Service Providers, Case Managers, Students, Advocates

Presentation Summary:

Children currently in foster and adoptive placements struggle to have skill set(s) that many of us take for granted.  Children born to us have a trust-base that provides them with an innate ability to more easily learn how to respond appropriately to everyday situations.  Children in care and who are adopted often respond in ways that get them in trouble.  They cannot make good choices when they are mad or worried, when they do not like what others say or do, or when they just plain do not want to do something (like follow a rule). This workshop will address ways to reduce resistance by using specific language that has been proven effective to de-escalate children, rather than initiating a power struggle where no one wins.

-       Participants will learn that specific language can be used to reduce resistance in children when redirecting/correcting them.

-       Participants will learn that being powerful with words includes much more than the words themselves.  Althoughwords are the focus, the power comes in the timing, proximity, body language and intent.

-       Paricipants will learn that when resistance is reduced, escalated behaviors decrease, and relationship increases.  With increased relationship, chilren become vulnerable enough to problem solve toward change.




Linda brings 9 years experience as an elementary classroom teacher, music teacher and daycare director. For 16 ½ years she has been a foster parent at all levels: traditional, medical, behavioral and career, as well as a Parent Trainer for STARS pre-service, in-service and Spaulding Adoption classes.  Parent of 14 children, 10 of whom are adopted, Linda has parented children with a variety of diagnoses including bipolar, adhd, post-traumatic stress disorder, oppositional defiant disorder and reactive attachment disorder.  Linda is currently in her seventh year as an educational/behavioral consultant with the Ozanam Behavior Intervention Support Team. Most recently, she has begun in-home consultation and training for behavioral and career foster parents in the northwest quadrant of Missouri via a state-awarded contract to Cornerstones of Care and with Midwest Foster Care and Adoptive Association