Maintaining Birth Family Relationships after Adoption


Joseph N. Beck, MSW, LCSW

Job Title

Vice President of Operations and Community Based Programs, MFCAA




Foster and/or Adoptive Parents, Service Providers, Case Managers, Students, therapists

Presentation Summary:

In the age of technology there is no bout about an adoptee locating their birth family. This workshop will discuss strategies to assist adoptive parents in facilitating healthy connections between their children and birth parents.  We will explore the positives and negatives of maintaining birth family connections, and develop a greater understanding of how maintaining a healthy relationship with birth parents can improve the outcome for your adoptive children.




Joseph N. Beck, MSW, LCSW
Vice President of Operations and Community Based Programs, MFCAA
Joe is a graduate of UCM with his BSW, and UMKC with his MSW.  He is a Licensed as a Clinical Social Worker in State of Missouri.  His expertise is in Public Child Welfare, Children’s Mental Health, and Post Adoptive Mental Health Services.  He has extensive work experience with Missouri Children’s Division, Residential Treatment, Private Mental Health Counseling, and Public Mental Health Services.  He is also an adoptive and foster parent.