Working Together: Incorporating NAMI-KCs Programs & Services to Educate Parents, Youth & Staff


Jen Boyden

Job Title

Program Director




Foster and/or Adoptive Parents, Biological Families, Service Providers, Case Managers, Judges/Lawyers, Students, Advocates, Policy Makers

Presentation Summary:

Learn about NAMI-KC's Programs & Services and how you can utilize them to educate & support parents, youth and the community.

-       Learn programs and services available from NAMI-KC

-       Learn how to incorporate & refer to  NAMI-KC's programs & services to educate/support families, youth & professionals

-       Learn opportunities to partner with NAMI-KC to offer support and education services.




Program Director for NAMI-KC since Sept 2008. Support, Education, Advocacy services for people with mental illness, their families and the general community. Coordinate: Family to Family and NAMI Basics Education program, In Our Own Voice, family and consumer support groups. Provider Education workshops and training. Family to Family teacher. Internal program evaluation. Community education presentations re: mental illness topics. CIT (Crisis Intervention Teams) Consumer picnic.