Promoting Effective Collaboration between Social Workers and Foster Parents: ensuring the best interest of the child.


Cynthia Blair, LBSW

Job Title

Case Manager




Service Providers, Case Managers, Advocates, Policy Makers

Presentation Summary:

The purpose of this presentation is to share the outcomes of a research project performed to examine the relationships between foster parents and the state system in place to protect children.  This system includes foster parents, case workers, service workers, and circuit management. The framework of this presentation will follow the Counsel on Social Work Education Ten Core Competencies and will incorporate a strengths- based and person-centered approach to support effective collaboration between foster parents and social workers.

-       The first learning objective is to inform the audience of the data behind the research project to show the importance of the foster parent’s voice as part of the professional team decision making. This learning objective would also describe the research p

-       The second learning objective is to show how a strengths-based practice with foster parents supports their systemic needs and wants.  Incorporating core competencies, functions, and values when working with foster parents will lead to more satisfaction, t

-       The third learning objective is to detail the study’s foster parent recommendations by giving description of what policy and practice context would look like in the eyes of the foster parents.  The audience would understand how foster parents see agency workers and how minor adjustments would change their viewpoints.