Telling the Truth about Bodies

In a respectful yet humorous manner, Coco McAtee will provide developmentally appropriate language for talking to kids about a tough topic. With sensitivity to parent's trepidation about such a highly charged topic, attendees will examine their own barriers to sharing valuable and life-saving truths to those they hold dear. Fun facts about fertility, startling statistics and tools for talking more openly will be provided in this interactive workshop.

Coco McAtee LSCSW

Coco McAtee is a wife, mother, clinical social worker who has been teaching families about healthy sexuality for over 20 years. In private settings, schools, churches and scout troops, Mrs. McAtee reveals the good message about how we are created and designed, how families are formed, and how to care for this incredible body with which we are endowed.

A former parenting expert for Fox 4, a frequently sought-out conference presenter, she combines lived experience with her clinical skills and dynamic communication style to engage her audience in thinking anew about a typically taboo topic--sex and growing up.
Currently Mrs. McAtee splits her time between her own education business and her work as a Perinatal Social Worker at one of KC' leading hospitals, Overland Park Regional Medical Center, in the care of babies and families. She sees the best and the worst of what sexuality can mean in one's life. Recently featured in KC's The Nursing News, Mrs. McAtee commitment to assisting families in finding their own particular path to health is evident.

In over 20 years of teaching hundreds of families about healthy sexual development, Coco's programs equip adults with ways of bridging the communication in their family around a very critical topic. Countless parents report increase ease in not only talking about sex and bodies with their children after they participate, but other challenging topics can be addressed more thoughtfully within the family.
Reduction in unwanted pregnancy and STI's, abuse prevention and improved decision-making are affected by this type of educational programming. Talking and sharing about the good news of sex and all it can mean versus what our culture promotes, raises the odds for better relationship with self and others. Evaluation feedback from the hundreds of workshops/classes Mrs. McAtee conducts attests to this.

Regardless of title or role, the average American 18 and over has significant gaps in their knowledge of sexual health. Single, married, gay, straight, with kids, w/o kids, everyone can learn more, even one more truth about their developing body or the impact of beliefs and behavior on future satisfaction in life.
Sexually and emotionally mature adults operate in the world in a more responsible and life-affirming manner. Change begins at the personal level and so each participant will derive something both universal and very personal by attending and hearing content that they have not heard previous:
Ages and stages of sexual development womb to tomb
Crucial conversation tips
Strategies for initiating the conversation