Opening/Keynote Speaker and Day 1 Facilitator:

Creating Sexual Safety & Promoting Healing (Recovery) in Adoption & Foster Care

About The Presenter


Dr. Wayne D. Duehn, Ph.D., LCSW -  Professor Emeritus, School of Social Work, The University of Texas at Arlington; has considerable experience in working with adoptive and foster care professionals (and families) in both the public and private sectors.  He is a co-author of“Beyond sexual abuse; The healing power of adoptive families”.


About The Workshop

Current estimates of sexual abuse among children in foster and adoptive placement range from 75% to 85%.  Given the high incidence of sexual abuse among children who are entering adoption, it is imperative that adoptive families understand the facts of abuse as well as their respective roles in the healing process.  Equally important is the individual’s level of comfort in discussing sexual abuse and normal sexual issues. 


What You Will Gain

Foster & Adoptive families will develop knowledge and parenting skills as we address the trauma related issues/needs of adopted children who have been sexually abused.  Parents will discover how to create a healing environment to counteract the negative impact of past trauma on a child’s psychosocial and cognitive development, and to enhance positive self-esteem. 


You will learn how foster & adoptive families can become the central ingredient in the recovery of these children.  Skill demonstrations and opportunities to practice these skills will be provided.  The format will include:  presentation of material, simulations, video demonstrations, role playing, group discussion, and practice skill demonstrations.  Participants will be encouraged to present and share their own experiences.