Down from the Ledge: Managing Meltdowns – Lessons from the Strategic Response Unit

Kathleen Benckendorf, MS

Attachment and Integration Methods, Inc. | St. Louis, Mo.

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Parenting two biological children did not prepare Kathleen and her husband Ric for the challenges involved in domestically adopting a sibling group of four back in 1999. What really surprised them both, however, was that many in the community of professionals they frequently consulted did not have effective answers, either. This led Kathleen on a relentless search for answers, and a passion to share what she has learned with other families.

A national speaker on attachment, trauma, and therapeutic parenting, Kathleen has completed training by the Beyond Consequences Institute, the Center for Victory, the Post Institute, the Sidran Institute (Risking Connection ®), and the HANDLE Institute. She serves on the board of the Attachment and Trauma Network (ATN).and as a moderator of the online forum at the Attachment Disorder Support Group (

Kathleen is an Integrated Healing practitioner and has completed coursework in Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT) Brain Integration Technique (BIT) and Touch for Health.

Focus Areas:


Level of Learning:


Learning Objectives:

1.            Describe the stages of a crisis.

2.            Describe the stages of self-regulation.

3.            List the properties of posture, position, size, tone, volume, and words that will help reassure someone functioning at the brainstem or midbrain level.