When It’s Safe to Tell:
Family & System Responses to Support Children Disclosing Sexual Abuse

Beth Banker, Clinical Director

Child Protection Center


Beth Banker, LCSW,  is currently the Clinical Director at the Child Protection Center, which provides forensic interviews for physically & sexually abused children in Jackson & Cass Counties.   She has worked in the field of child abuse for 30 years, providing therapy services to children & teens, as well as clinical support to their parents & caregivers. 

Focus Areas:


Level of Learning:


Time Slot Request:  1.5 hours

Description:  This workshop will focus on the factors that can impact a child’s disclosure about sexual abuse they’ve experienced, as well as reviewing the range of ways that children may disclose about their abusive experiences.  We’ll provide a brief overview of behavioral & emotional symptoms associated with child sexual abuse, & why some victims sexually act out with other children.                                                                                                                      
This presentation will also discuss how the verbal & behavioral responses by adult caregivers
can help children who have been abused feel more comfortable to disclose about what has occurred.  Caregivers will understand how their responses to the child can help or hinder investigations regarding abuse allegations.  Finally, we’ll discuss the role of a forensic interview for these children & how it can assist the child protection & law enforcement investigations, & potential legal outcomes.   Written materials addressing methods to help children with sexual problems will be provided to attendees.