3 Counselors and a Couch: Mental Health, Trauma, and Violence

3 Counselors and a Couch will provide personal stories, actual case examples, and related handouts involving sexual violence on college campuses. This workshop will help identify areas where the educational processes and policies are failing, identify how to respond, and provide research and practical approaches to improve Respect, Survivor Empowerment, Student Engagement, Social Justice & Inclusion, Advocacy, Collaboration, and Excellence.   “And so to heal the impact of violence, perhaps even to deter it, we must make opportunities for listening to the voices of victims in equal measure to the time we spend witnessing their tragedies. “

3 Counselors and a Couch, LLC

Keba RIchmond Green, LAPC

Crystal Smith Johnson, LAPC, ICADC II


Keba Richmond-Green, LAPC

Author, Therapist, Accountability Coach, Advocate,

Speaker & Mentor

Purpose, Integrity, Self-Confidence & Personal Responsibility

•             Author of “Not My Child” biography for Teens and Parents

•             Creator of the “Growing Up Growing Out” Workshop

Programs for Teens and Adults

•             Founder and CEO of DreamGirlz Unlimited, LLC! Coaching and Mentoring Services for Individuals, Groups and Families

•             Creator of “Not My Child” Workbooks for Teens and Parents

•             Trained in Crisis Intervention, Mediation, & Leadership Management

Crystal Johnson, LAPC, ICADC II, has 25 years of experience in the field of addiction and mental health. She has consulted with professionals in diverse industries such as: judicial, corrections, corporate, and community base organizations offering commitment to training and educating in effective treatment approaches to the pandemic of drugs and alcohol. In 1986 Crystal answered the call of addiction specialist and mental health professional in a grassroots effort to combine substance abuse treatment with psychiatric services to effectively treat what is known today as co-occuring disorders.

Focus Areas:

Mental Health

Level of Learning:


Learning Objectives:

1.            Participants will leave with awareness of understanding victimology and the need for additional services.

2.            Participants will become aware of evidence based practices and skills to improve skills and services.

3.            Awareness and signs of families coping mechanisms.

4.            Promote ways to improve responses and growth.

Description:  Adults and administration have a responsibility to create institutions that are safe and affirming places for all young people. This workshop will work to provide educators, policymakers, parents, and students the background information they need to continue to promote safety for all children. In addition, we hope to help focus research on the most critical gaps in our understanding of the experiences of our young adults and on what policy interventions can most effectively improve their school experiences.

This workshop is intended to have authentic, transparent dialog in identifying the problems that lead to effective treatment planning. Our workshop will provide applicable resources to help you begin to collect organize and analyze existing data to clearly define your problem.  Our goal is to offer individuals, communities, and states timely, accurate information and useful tools and resources to keep people safe where they live, work, play, and learn.